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Hi! I'm Waverly, but my friends call me wave

Ever since I can remember, I've had a passion for being in the kitchen.
Growing up my parents rarely cooked, which led to my self-teaching, learning, and adventure into the world of food. If you needed me, you'd find me on the couch taking notes on Food Network.
However, all came to a screaming HALT when I realized I was lactose intolerant.
I suddenly couldn't eat the favorite dishes I LOVED! But I still had such a fire for being in the kitchen, that I decided to teach myself how to make the same recipes I longed for, but without the ingredients that made me sick. This ended up being SO much fun, almost a challenge that I could keep getting better and better at... Buttermilk biscuits without milk, butter or eggs? No problem!
I didn't stop with just my personal dietary restrictions, I've had SO much fun conquering other alternative ways of eating. Gluten free pancakes that are still fluffy and delicious? Nailed it!
I pay special care and attention to making sure my dishes are not only safe for those with special diets,
but taste just as good if not better than ever! 
Living a healthy lifestyle and eating food that makes us feel good does NOT have to be boring. One of my favorite things is feeding friends and loved ones something that is healthy, and they have no idea! I feel that this way of eating is something that should be accessible to anyone, especially those that are too busy to prepare these meals for themselves or their families, which is why I started my company, Well Prepped! 

my clients

- Anyone looking for an easy meal prep solution!
- Professionals who want to eat healthy but don't have the time
- Busy moms who want to feed their families the best ingredients in their own home

- Career driven couples where neither has the time/energy to cook
- Individuals or family members with special dietary needs
- Trying to live a healthier lifestyle or want to stick to a particular diet such as Whole 30 or Keto
- Simply sick of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning! 

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